Internship Programs

College Program

Our college internship program is tailored for students who are studying finance and accounting. During the program, interns will gain a basic understanding of Microsoft Office Suites programs, learn to understand the various review processes, including accounts payable, payroll and accounts receivable, and refine their communication skills and professional etiquette. Our program offers flexible scheduling for college students to gain relevant experience that can be applied to further strengthen their understanding of their studies and applications of their skills.

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Junior Summer Program

Our Junior Summer internship program offers high school students with the opportunity to join IA Group for a 4-week internship program in which they will learn about the abandoned and unclaimed property auditing industry and will receive training to understand basic accounting practices and terminology. The intern will receive basic training in Microsoft Office programs and will develop familiarity with basic accounting documents.  At the end of the program, the intern will be provided with an opportunity to perform a self-assessment, as well as receive an assessment from an IA Group Audit Associate. This allows the intern to reflect on their performance and receive honest feedback that will help them prepare for working in a professional environment.

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High Tech High School Program

Our High Tech High School program offers a fall and spring semester mentorship program for students at High Tech High school. During the program, students will meet every Friday during school hours to receive mentorship training from the IA Group associates. All information and applications are handled through the High Tech Mentorship program.

High School Senior Program

This program is provided for students of Middletown High Schools to learn about the abandoned and unclaimed property industry and the accounting field as it relates to the audit industry. During the internship, interns will be provided with opportunities to gain an understanding of accounting principles through authentic hands-on experiences. This internship program offers students a for-credit opportunity during the spring semester of their senior year. IA Group holds a passion for their high school programs, as they offer students the opportunity to be immersed in the field of accounting before they are required to select majors at their respective colleges. All information and applications are handled through the high school program.

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