The Backpack Crew was started by Keith and Suzanne Dice and has become a ministry of the United Methodist Church of Red Bank, New Jersey. The Backpack Crew’s mission is to provide children with healthy food on the weekends when they do not have their school lunch to rely on. Innovative Advocate Group supports their foundation by giving donations and raising awareness.


​​Through our audit and examination services, it is the goal of IA Group to efficiently identify and recover property from Holders that are subject to report and deliver said property under the respective State Abandoned Property Laws.

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The mission of The Rainbow Foundation is to help children in need, with a focus on children who have contracted serious illnesses. They built up a group of over 200 referring agencies such as Monmouth Medical and Ronald McDonald House. These agencies recommend kids in need to The Rainbow Foundation and give them the help and financial support they need. The Rainbow Foundation is a non-sectarian, non-profit foundation. Innovative Advocate Group donates to their cause.